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[26 Aug 2005|11:26pm]
[ mood | blah ]

ok so i haven't updated in 4eva bcuz myspace have deff. takin ova cuz like no one comments me here lol!!! newho skools started n its goin pretty good i guess i jus HATE wakin up in the morning it suxs big tyme!! ok so we had a half day yesterday n no skool 2day which was do 2 KATRINA a lil hurricane "thunderstorm" lol we had it didn't really do anything tho which is good!! so 2nite im sittin home freakin BORED 2day i went 2 pete rose n met lex rochelle lin danillie n britt i was an hour late haha n they where done eating n in the game room so we jus chilled it was kool! these lil kids kept takin alexas tickects n calld lindsay an asshole we where like crackin up then igot my nails done there so freakin cute i love em lol!! 2day is my bestest friends bday BARBARA shes finally 16 YAY n 2morroe me her terylan britt n danillie are goin 2 cityplace hopefully which should b fun hanging out wif barbara always is im so glad where like super close its good n me n mia are close 2 but we haven't been haning out latley she works so much but i love them with all my heart sooo much ugh there the best!! n yah BEST FRIENDS ARE AMAZING!!! newhoo sooo i'm freakin crushin bigtyme so idk watsgonna happen probley nuttin jus contuie 2 b friends who knos newaysss idk wat else 2 write im jus gonna add pixs n leave it @ that lol!!!

i love this gurl soo much!! bffL!

9th grd yr FUN nite my 2 BESTEST friends<33333
tabbys bday funfun!love youboo!
 okay so photobucket is being gayy so thats all i can add for now!!!!
bay + mi = my bestest friends ever!!! happyy birrthday my loover!!

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[15 Jul 2005|12:14pm]
hey well latley things have been pretty good! i can't belive summer is almost ova! well 2day maria leaves for canda n i'm dieing n don't kno wat i'm gonna do wif out her! n Lyndsay leaves for ohio which also suxs im gonna miss them so much i've known them both since middle skool days maria is like one of my tru best friends n i jus can't belive she won't her be here i hope i kit wif them! well las nite was a goin away dinner for lyndz it was fun 2 get 2 chill wif everyone holly megan stixs joe lin amandaklee kim erika n mia went then i saw my love kimmberly ann duffner lol i missd her! it was fun everyone was sooo loud! it was kewl then the nite b4 that i went 2 chillis wif maria barbara marias cuz n ridrigo 2 say bye 2 maria wen i hugged her it wasn't like a goodbye i jus felt like ok ttyl ya kno it suxs so bad i guess it hasn't hit me STILL it deff. will wen i can't talk 2 her or hangout its kinda hard 2 kit wif her wen she lives in canda but i mite go visit or w.e ! newho off the sad topic! dis weekend i am suppose 2 b hanging out wif my lover barbara which should b fun we jus gotta find sumthing 2 do! but neways im gonna go i don't kno really wat 2 write but i will lave u wif sum pixs frm wensday nite & thursday nite! ifu take the tyme 2 read dis comment me at least say hey lol xoxo<333des

@ da olive garden las nite!
Lyndz & Amanda
mis Klee Lyndzer & mia
mia*alexa brushing her teeth lol!bffL*
Lin manda Erika me Mia-laughin cuz of my ghetto camera lol!
Wensday nite @ chillis
bay me n maria good tymes only 19 more 2 go lol!!
muh beautiful best friends foeva!
ok thats all now comment me biittccchhhesss! lol<333des

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[05 Jul 2005|11:44pm]
ok so i haven't update neva feel like sitten here n writting bcuz like no one eva reads this or comments but i must say myspace has deff. takin me ova lol newho well i'm offically 16! finally lol gezz n then everyones gonna b 17 n imma b the baby gosh hate that lol!well for my bday i went out 2 dinner wif maria britt A. n Britt D. n my sis n my family! i really wantd mia n barbara n sarah 2 b there but they sold me out lol naw jk jus barbara lol!! it was ok then they sleepova it was alirte i guess i jus xcpetd more haha! newho laltey i have been chillen ALOT wif my lil mia*alexa which is always fun cuz she deff. knos how 2 make us have a good tymee...lol!i love her so much n miss her lol sound so lesbo oh well w.e shes my bestfriend so get ova it haha! well i finally got 2 c sarah wen i was @ mias but it was jus 4 a lil bit! omg maria is moving next thursday 2 canida i can't belive it its like its not real yah kno i guess wen shes gone its really gonna hit me like it makes me sad jus 2 think ortalk about it!i mean she has been such a good friend 2 me seriously like wen i think about it she neva sold me out 4 her b4 n like yah idk imaa miss her so freakin much its so crazy but hopefully i get 2 go visit her for her bday or sumthing which is like in a few months! neways i get my liscens next week awh can't wait but i mean its gonna sux cuz i dont have a car n i know my parents aren't gonna let me drive bymyself for awhile i HATE havin ova protcetive parents! alrite this is gettin kinda boring cuz my life is kinda boring or i jus don't wirte all my business in here idon't even kno y i still write in here no one freakin comments me seriosuly i seehow much i'm loved lol!!!alrite i'm out!<333des
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[12 Jun 2005|02:19pm]
ok so las nite was my sweet 16!! it as alot of fun!!!!! more ppl came then i thought like i really do have sum amazing friends wen they where singing happy bday 2 me i was bout 2 cry i love ALL of them SOOOO much even tho so ppl that meant ALOT 2 me didn't show or couldn't cum it bummd me out but i still had a good tyme it jus goes 2 shows u who really cares about you!! thanks for everyone who came i really hope you guys had fun! makes me wanna hava anotha party like @my house mayb but idk wat we would do n its soooo stressful wondering if anyone is gonna show up yah kno !! well newho since i really haven't updated summer has been goin pretty good lets hope i can keep it that wat! i'm goin outta town in 2weeks 2 my famliy reuion so that should b fun up it ATL!! yah britts been @ bmy house since thursday i really love that gurl shes like my otha sista seriously lol i kno we don't act like such close friends but we really are!! hm... everyone lookd so gourgeous las nite i felt So freakin FAT eww i really am workin on losing weight cuz i jus can't take this it suchs not beinf thin like everyone else like its really depressing! well idk wat else 2 write so iumma bounce n update wen i can!!I love all my friends the most amazing ppl i kno i'm sooo lucky 2 have them in my life even tho they get me upset!! i miss mia like CrAzY n am dying here wifout her i hope she is havin fun in IsRal alrite buh bye x0x0x<3333 dez
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[02 Jun 2005|07:32pm]

ok well this week has been fun i hung out wif Sarah monday-wensday then las nite i hung out wif ada n shanny omg it was soo much fun wen we get 2gatha its jus nostop laughing omg jus so much fun many inside jokes are always made omg there so many asians lol... I NEED NEW PANTS LIKE NOW..ugh storecredit lol...use tryin 2 think of poses..omg my sis is huge is she havin twins no...ada-how much does the baby weight shan-she didn't have the baby yet ADA! LMAO OMG good tyme alrite well of course we took alot of pixs but i'm jus gonna put a few one here 2 end my entry!!



on the way frm the mall



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